Oriel Davies Open 2012

Various artists

28 April 2012 – 27 June 2012

This exhibition presents the work of 38 artists, selected from over 600 submissions to the Oriel Davies Open 2012 competition. The response to the competition was overwhelming, both nationally and internationally, with entries coming from all corners – Wales to Israel, Cornwall to Switzerland. The works selected demonstrate the breadth and diversity of artistic practice from across the world.

Oriel Davies Open 2012 – invitation – Môr Plastig

All the artists exhibiting are working innovatively, using materials and visual techniques to push boundaries – such as challenging political or social systems, capturing the sublime, revealing the uncanny or even disrupting the very architecture of the gallery. Thematically the works can be understood as a series of opposites – natural versus artificial, animal versus human, or transitory versus permanent, yet each work stands alone, with it’s own unique way of communicating.

Oriel Davies Open 2012 – Môr Plastig – Bottles Grid x 15

Selected artists Barbara and Zafer Baran, Ruth Boothroyd, Bettina Buck, Helen Cammock, Julie Cassels, James Clarkson, Julian Claxton, Michael Cousin, Emma Critchley, Joe Doldon, Rosaline Dolton, Sean Edwards, David Gepp, Heloise Godfrey, Andy Harper, Shan Hur, Real Institute, Geoff Diego Litherland, Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Tom Lovelace, William Mackrell, Melanie Manchot, Scott Mason, Paul Murphy Nina Ogden, Sarah Pager, Mike Perry, Abigail Reynolds, Peter Richards, Damien Roach, Angela Smith, Anna Solum, Fern Thomas, Tommy Ting, Matthew Verdon, Mary Vettise, Richard T Walker, Ben Woodeson.

Selectors: Ben Borthwick, Chief Executive and Artistic Director, Artes Mundi; Ann Jones Curator, Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre; Amanda Farr, Director, Oriel Davies Gallery; Ruth Gooding, Curator, Oriel Davies Gallery.

Mike Perry’s Bottles grid x15 is from his series called Môr Plastig 2012(welsh for Plastic Sea) and is a forensic study of plastic bottles washed up on a beach in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

Oriel Davies Open 2012 – Môr Plastig – Bottles Grid x 15
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