Rewilding: place and practice

This year Arts Council of Wales is delighted to award photographic artist Mike Perry a Creative Wales Award, receiving £18,000.

Perry has chosen ‘Rewilding’ as the subject of his Creative Wales Award. Following George Monbiot’s call for our generation to reconnect with nature, Perry wants to artistically explore contemporary ideas of re-generation in the context of climate change, loss of species and the increasing influence of agribusiness.

He is interested in how we create a dialogue with these ideas through the visual mediums of photography and film. Perry believes there is a renaissance emerging in our thinking about what is possible in nature and what is good for the human spirit, biodiversity and the planet. And this is the energy he says he wants to feed off.

After 15 years of working with 8×10 film format, Perry is planning to experiment with the new generation of portable digital cameras that offer a greater mobility and a less formalistic approach. He also hopes to use the resource to experiment with moving film.

“This is the Arts Council of Wales’ opportunity to recognise some of the incredible talent Wales has, and to encourage its development at significant junctures in the artists’ career. Awardees take the brave decision to explore new ways of making their art, and what they learn can have a fundamental impact on their future work. A creative Wales depends on the imagination and inspiration of its artists, and whether at home or abroad the arts project the vibrancy of Welsh creativity on the world stage.”

David Alston, Arts director, Arts Council Wales

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