Môr Plastig 2012

Môr Plastig

Môr Plastig, welsh for 'Plastic Sea', is a photographic study of plastic objects washed up along the West coast of Wales and beyond.

Exhibition: Land/Sea, Mostyn Gallery, Wales, 2018
Exhibition: Land/Sea, Ffotogallery, Wales and England, 2017
Exhibition: Sea Fever, De Queeste Art, Belgium, 2016
Exhibition: Llanw, Plas Glyn-y-Weddw, Wales, 2016
Exhibition: Found, Foundling Museum, 2016
Exhibition: Vita Vitale, 56th Venice Biennale 2015
Exhibition: National Museum Wales, Artist Residence 2015
Exhibition: Here Today... curated by Artwise 2014
Exhibition: The Photographers' Gallery London 2014
Exhibition: Cornelia Parker Room at The Royal Academy 2014
Review: by Skye Sherwin
Exhibition: National Eisteddfod of Wales 2013
Exhibition: Oriel Davies Open 2012

White Gold gallery

White Gold

The global rise in the wealth of the super rich has seen a huge increase in the demand for 'pure white' marble and a re-opening of previously exhausted mines across Europe. These large scale photographs, taken on 8x10" format, in the Sud Tirol region of Northern Italy, capture the impact of the mining on the surrounding landscape.

Essay: by Skye Sherwin
Exhibition: The Photographers' Gallery at Stone Theatre, May 2011

Wet Deserts gallery

Wet Deserts

Ongoing series of large scale colour photographs taken whilst driving around the overlooked scrublands and fringes of Western Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These are both formal studies of the quality of landscape and documents of environmental change.

Exhibition: A Green and Pleasant Land, Towner Art Gallery, 2017
Exhibition: Land/Sea, Ffotogallery, Wales and England, 2017
Essay: by Skye Sherwin
Exhibition: The Photographers' Gallery at Stone Theatre, May 2011
Article: NextLevel Magazine, Oct 2009
Exhibition: The Royal Society of the Arts, Oct 2008

Garden gallery


Photographic competition commissioned by Christies of London in November 2009. Ten British photographers were briefed to photograph assigned historic gardens of Britain. Mike Perry photographed the gardens at Hodnet Hall in Shropshire, Parham House and Pashley Manor in Sussex.

Exhibition and Award: Christies, Nov 2009

Abereiddi gallery


This series of large scale photographs were repeatedly taken from a specific location on the Pembrokeshire coastal path in Wales.They are intended as formal explorations which reference the techniques of painting rather than offer historical or sentimental readings of a specific place.

Exhibition: National Museum Wales, 2016
Review: by Craig Burnett, 2005
Exhibition: The Photographers' Gallery, Feb 2009
Article: Frankfurter Rundschau, Dec 2003

Astral America gallery

Astral America

The Astral America project was a commission by Huntergather, along with artists Tom Hunter and Norbert Schoerner. The three artists were asked to revisit Jean Braudillard's road trip through America. "I went in search of Astral America, not social and cultural America, but the America of the empty, absolute freedom of the freeways', not the deep America of mores and mentalities, but the America of desert speed, of motels and mineral surfaces".

Review: by Tom Morton, 2004
Article: NextLevel Magazine, 2002

London Brownfields gallery

London Brownfields

In 2004, Mike was commissioned by Transition Gallery to Photograph in and around the E9 district of East London. His work took him into the decaying industrial parks of Stretford and Bow and along the yet to be regenerated Grand Union Canal and its backwaters. Many of the locations Mike photographed are now the site of the forthcoming Olympics.

Review: by Alex Michon, 2004
Exhibition: 'E9, An Anatomy of an Area', 2004

Inland gallery


The Inland pictures are formal studies of undramatic locations in West Wales and Ireland. Avoiding twilight or the magic hour, Perry chooses flatter daytime light and mundane perspectives, lending the work an overall air of melancholy and isolation.

Exhibition: The Photographers' Gallery, June 2007
Exhibition: New Ground: Landscape Art in Wales since 1970, Oct 2012

Miscellaneous gallery


Article: GQ Magazine, 2005

Beach 1-27 gallery

Beach 1-27

Mike Perry's photographic series 'Beach' records seashore scenes from an unassuming stretch of England's South Coast. Perry's fascination is with the actuality and understatement of his subject. Presented as a series 'Beach' establishes a rhythmic context in which repetition invites a meditative response.

Essay: by Craig Burnett
Front Cover: NextLevel Magazine, 2002
Article: Art Review Magazine, May 2004
Front Cover: Gaia Magazine, Sep 2009
Article: Greenpeace Magazine, 2009
Exhibition: The Photographers' Gallery, April 2004